FUNK | TRU DOKU – Coronavirus

TRU DOKU about the student Franka, who was in China (Wuhan) when the corona virus broke out and fled to Germany. In this documentary, Franka talks about her escape from the Chinese corona virus. She was in Wuhan when the epidemic broke out and saw the dangerous virus spreading on the spot. At the beginning, she could not even imagine that an entire city of this size (11 million inhabitants) would be sealed off. Due to the evacuation, the young Germans were no longer able to continue their studies. Instead, she was in a city in a state of emergency. At the end of January, the WHO finally announced an international health emergency for the city, so that the countries can react better to the pathogen and the disease can be contained. At this point, the effects had long been felt for Franka. At the latest when the student was in quarantine, she was confronted with the effects of the coronavirus. To date, the number of infected people and deaths has risen in China, Italy and the rest of the world. In the exciting interview, she tells how Franka fared in these conditions and when she decided to flee to Germany.


Director: Lena Fiedler
DOP: Matthias Meisen
Editor: Momas Schütze
Production: funk | DRIVE beta GmbH