Made To Measure

Is it possible to create a doppelganger based on someone's personal Google data alone? Reconstructing your personality, behavior patterns and hidden desires? A cross-media data experiment makes it possible to experience in an impressive way what insights Google, Facebook & Co. have into our most intimate secrets. Together with a former YouTube developer, a Google marketer, an expert in personalized advertising and several data protection officers, "Made to Measure" examines the potential and risks inherent in algorithmic personality identification and behavior prediction. The film reveals how tech companies use the collected data of billions of people to turn people's weaknesses, insecurities, illnesses and addictive potentials into profit.


Director: Moritz Riesewieck, Cosima Terrasse, Hans Block
DOP: Konrad Waldmann, Jeffrey Johnson, Thomas Schneider, Gregor Grkinic, Felix Schmilinsky, Anna Bogomolova, Klemens Koscher
Editor: Momas Schütze
Production: Beware of Horses, WDR, SRG SSR, RBB, DOCMINE




Broadcastet on ARD and WDR